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By Courtney Ross

This is my personal journey through the struggles of life battling depression and anxiety. It was when I spiraled and crashed, that my life actually began. In my pain, God gave me purpose. In my times of great loss, God gave me life.


The journey was not easy, but it was worth every moment. I am sharing this with you, so you will know you are not alone. You have worth and value, exactly how you are and where you are in life, exactly AS IS.

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My Story


Watching the View

How we see things has such an affect on us and our lives. This was something I needed changed in my life, as I had a tendency to see things with such a negative perspective.


My views were based on comparison and lack. However, it was through some of life's challenges that I received a very necessary gift of a new perspective of life.

Join me as the journey continues...

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